Remembering Troy Moran: A Beloved Leader of Hart High School


Hey there, little friend! Today, we are going to talk about a very special person named Troy Moran. He was the principal at a school called Hart High School. He was very important to many people, and he made everyone smile with his happy laugh. Sadly, he passed away, which means he is no longer with us. Let’s learn more about him and how everyone at Hart High School remembers him.

Who Was Troy Moran?

First, let’s talk about who Troy Moran was. Troy Moran was the principal of Hart High School. A principal is like the big boss of the school. They make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy and safe. Troy Moran was very good at this job. He was born in a place called West Michigan and worked at many schools before coming to Hart High School. He was known for his big smile and his laugh that could make anyone happy baddies west.

What Happened to Troy Moran?

One day, something very sad happened. Troy Moran passed away suddenly on April 27th. This means he went to sleep and didn’t wake up. When people heard the news, they were very sad and couldn’t believe it. The superintendent, who is like a big boss for all the schools in the area, shared the news and said everyone was feeling a lot of sorrow. They couldn’t believe that such a happy and loving person was gone.

How Did Hart High School React?

When everyone at Hart High School heard about Troy Moran, they were very sad. But they wanted to do something special to remember him. So, the school’s crisis team met on Sunday night. A crisis team is a group of people who help everyone feel better when something sad happens. They made sure there were counselors at the school on Monday. Counselors are people who listen to you and help you feel better when you are sad.

What Did the Community Do?

The people in the community also wanted to show how much they loved Troy Moran. So, they decided to do something called a vigil. A vigil is a time when people come together to remember someone special. The families were asked to turn on their porch lights on Sunday night. This was a way to show that everyone was thinking about Troy Moran and feeling the same sadness. The superintendent said this would show solidarity, which means everyone coming together as one big family baddiehuh.

Remembering Troy Moran’s Smile

Everyone who knew Troy Moran said he had a very special smile and laugh. His smile was so big and bright that it could make anyone feel happy. His laugh was contagious, which means when he laughed, everyone else wanted to laugh too. People loved talking to him because he was always so friendly and kind.

The Support from Other Schools

Besides, many other schools wanted to help Hart High School during this sad time. They sent messages and support to show they cared. This is because Troy Moran worked in many different schools before, and he made lots of friends everywhere he went. Everyone who knew him wanted to help and show their love for him.

Helping Each Other

In addition, when something sad like this happens, it’s very important to help each other. The students and teachers at Hart High School talked to the counselors to help them feel better. They shared stories about Troy Moran and remembered all the happy times with him. Sharing memories helps everyone feel connected and less alone.

The Importance of Community

Moreover, the whole community came together to support Hart High School. This shows how important it is to have friends and family when you are feeling sad. Everyone turning on their porch lights was a beautiful way to show that no one is alone in their sadness. They were all thinking about Troy Moran and each other.

Continuing Troy Moran’s Legacy

Lastly, even though Troy Moran is not here anymore, his happy spirit will always be remembered at Hart High School. The students, teachers, and everyone in the community will continue to think about his big smile and kind heart. They will keep working hard and being kind to each other, just like Troy Moran always did.


So, that’s the story of Troy Moran, a very special person who was the principal at Hart High School. Even though he has passed away, his smile and laugh will always be remembered by everyone who knew him. The community came together to show their love and support, proving that even in sad times, we can find comfort in each other. Remembering Troy Moran helps everyone at Hart High School feel a little happier, knowing he made their world a better place.

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